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What is One Mystery Club?

One Mystery Club is a club for unique story-driven mystery puzzles in the form of cinematic puzzle games and cross-media experiences. Sign up for free and start watching and solving immediately!



When a world-famous musician is mysteriously found dead, an uncanny British agent will form an unlikely team with two Greek detectives, only to find themselves deeply entangled in the biggest financial scandal of the 21st century.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is One Mystery Club?

The Club is a library of story-driven mystery puzzle games, which we call One Mystery Club Experiences, or OMC_XP for short. Each OMC_XP falls into one of two main categories:

Cinematic Puzzle Games & Cross-media Experiences.

What is a Cinematic Puzzle Game?

A Cinematic Puzzle Game is a serialised narrative fictional story with a cliffhanger-y self-contained puzzle at the end of each episode.

With each consecutive episode, the overall story moves forward and new info comes to light regarding the overall mystery, but all that you need in order to solve each episode’s puzzle can be found in the episode you just watched. You can watch the episode as many times as you like in order to find the correct answer, and you get a total of five attempts to crack the puzzle.

The story will continue in the next episode by first revealing the correct answer and the reasoning behind it. Then, you will dive deeper into the case alongside the heroes, until you all hit another wall, another cliffhanger, another puzzle or task.

What is a Cross-media Experience?

A Cross-media Experience is a form of online mystery cyber-novel, which at some points has a puzzle that needs to be solved in order for the story to continue.

The story comes to you by means of text, images, 3D worlds, chats, sound bites, web pages, videos, phone messages and you have to think completely outside the box in order to solve each puzzle, so you can continue diving deeper into the mystery that is unfolding.

How much does it cost?

During our launch period, take advantage of limited-time pricing ranging from €4.99 to €9.99 for each OMC_XP.

Where is One Mystery Club available?

It is available on Windows, Mac, Linux PCs and laptops, as well as all mobile devices, without limitations, worldwide.


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